Interforensics 2023




I have been working in the field of phone forensics since 2005, dealing with national and international cases. I have specialized in Drones and Car Cyber threats/forensics for the last three years. I have gained a reputation for innovation in the forensics field as well as hosting innovative conferences that look at specific issues and challenges to law enforcement and industry.

I am also lead in iPhone and Android forensics.

Manage investigations into mobile applications that have been installed from the application stores and the evidential possibilities these applications contain.

Present to law enforcement officers around the challenges and issues around mobile device forensics.

I am experienced in mobile, drone and IoT forensics.

I have also assisted in pioneering systems within the organization to reduce costs and improve the presentation of information when being used in casework.

Presented evidence at court and also providing expert testimony to the courts when requested.

- Lead for Drones and CUAS at INTERPOL
- Head of ENLETS Drone Forensic Technology Interest Group
- Lead for INTERPOL Metaverse Metaverse Forensics Group

- Lead for INTERPOL Synthetic Media Expert Group
- Package leader at Project Courageous - An EU Security Funded Program to develop a Framework for the assessment, selection and testing of CUAS for Law Enforcement

My work is to assist 195 member countries of INTERPOL understanding the new risks and threats from technology. Once a chance has is identified, I will collaborate with industry and law enforcement to establish a shared understanding and process to tackle the issue.
Specialities: XRY, Cellibrite, Oxygen Forensic, Acceso, Athena. Pioneer, Blackberry, Android, iPhone, drones, cutting edge technology.